Salkantay trek

  • Cecilia Grigio-Arzeno, Miami, Florida, USA
  • Magda and Krzysztof, UK
  • Isabel Diez
La experencia por el camino del Salkantay fue realmente magica, no solo por sus montanas, sus paisajes, el desafio fisico y los indiscriptibles momentos vividos. Tambien lo fue por la parte humana, el maravilloso grupo que partimos, nuestra organizadora Miriam, las 12 discipulas y los increibles guias que estaban ahi siempre, en silencio pero muy presentes, festejando nuestros logros, apoyandonos a todas y solucionando cada cosa, quiero agradecer especialmente a Felix por poner todo de el y tambien a Cristian y Roger. Gracias apus trek , por habernos acompañado en esta experiencia unica en mi vida.
The route is very pleasant with exceptional landscapes. We liked the diversity of the route, every day we could admire different panoramas, plants and birds. Even the new build road didn’t take away the charm of the trek. The trekking was just as we expected, not too easy not too hard. Just right. The main highlight was first day for the excellent view on Salkantay and amazing campsite where there were only us. And of course last day in Machu Picchu, the best part was the view from Wayna Picchu on Machu Picchu. The main challenge is trekking above 4 thousands with altitude sickness… Felix is brilliant and friendly guide. We were impressed by the interesting stories about the quechua culture, Inkas … and plants! Cook – food – 10, Yummy! Taking into account the circumstances, the food was really delicious and diverse. Also great opportunity to try typical Peruvian food. We wouldn’t change a thing :) Thanks for the polar blanket for our sleeping bags – that was really useful first night! 
Wow, what a trip…. Amazing how a week can change a person’s life. The Salkantay trail goes as high as 4.600 Mts (15.000ft), which might leave you without air. But all is worth it when you go with a group of friends that the purpose of going is to enjoy every aspect of the trail. The most amazing surroundings, the silence, when it’s not raining the sky is blue blue blue, at night the full moon and the stars. The wild orchids, the birds of paradise, bromelias, the waterfalls, the sound of the river. Yoga at the most amazing cross of 3 mountains and rivers. Meditation, breathing exercises. And all that laughing our hearts out. Friends are a very special thing in one’s life, and when you find the perfect friends to share those experiences with you, you are bound for life. Our guide Felix was the best. Always patient with us because we took our time walking and enjoying the scenery. We were not in a hurry. We were there to breath in all of that beauty and exhale all the stress of our everyday life. By the end of day one we were already in another state of mind. The physical challenge is rewarding in each step and terrain as we went from Cusco to Glacier/snow to sub tropical climate with bananas trees to Machu-Pichu. And all that to arrive in Machu-Pichu. And still proved not to be the end of our trekking as we climbed the Wayna-Pichu, 2 hours of climbing totally worth it. The view is 360 amazing. Machu-Pichu was not the highlight of our tip. The highlight was those 5 days walking, breathing, inhaling, appreciating, talking, singing and laughing, always laughing.


Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek

  • Sharon Wu
  • Kevin Dixon, UK
  • Karen, USA
  • David & Pennie Briese
 The route is life-changing, spectacular, so varied: we must have passed through tens of different microenvironments and climates, every day was such a rewarding challenge, both physically and emotionally. I feel so lucky to have taken this trip, to have had such a wonderful team guide us through the Andes with such graciousness and welcome. Highlight of the trek was day 4, climbing from the Rio Blanco campsite up through the Cloud Forest and Victoria mines to our coldest and highest campsite. This day was very challenging; there may have been a personal epiphany reached on this day. The following morning Felix guided us to a lookout point that provided phenomenal views of the Nevado Sacsarayoc. This was the most amazing experience of my life. The trek was both of genuine and unique, largely in part to Felix’s guidance, knowledge and demeanor. There were so many beautiful moments out in the mountains, I felt that our trek was truly unique and meaningful, not just a routine for the staff, all of whom were wonderful. I’m missing the mountains and Cusco, so wonderful this experience has been. Our cook was wonderful cook and a great dancer and gracious soul. Assistant guide kept everyone in good spirits and brought a youthful hilarity wherever he went. For example, when approaching the Camino Llactapacta the morning after partying late into the night at La Playa, he says, “Okay cuchihuatos, enjoy the suffering!” He gave each of us Quechua names and stumped us with his riddles. But most of all, Felix really made the trek as amazing as it was. He always had the group in mind, included us in Andean traditions, and made such an open atmosphere of friendship such that one couldn’t help but catch his enthusiasm, listen intently to his many lessons, and try to relate on some level to what is meant by the apus.
 Words fail me for many parts of the route. The section between Choquequirao and the Salkantay where we had the route almost to ourselves´´ was a particular highlight, but too many other parts stand out to mention them all. I had several highlights of the trip, the breathtaking scenery, the amazing route and a group of people (guides, cooks and trekkers) who couldn´t have been more fun to trek with. Couldn´t have wished for a better guide, knowledgeable, approachable and great fun. The trek was amazing and the cooks were both talented and top blokes. The addition of assistant guide was an added bonus, a great guy. 
 Everything was great. We loved the flexibility of being able to start when we wanted and not have a rigid itinerary. Felix was a very good guide and made sure everything was taken care of. He knew how to get things done and he did a nice job teaching us about the flora and area. We also thought the cook was awesome (positive attitude and VERY hard worker). The food was very good, especially for camp food, although a bit too much oil/fatty ingredients. Thank you! 
One of the hardest and one of the nost enjoyable treks that I have done. The highlights of the trip were seeing the ruins of Choquequirao and climbing over 2000m in a single day. Felix was an excellent guide and we appreciated his knowledge of the history, botany and geography of the region. 

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Choquequirao trek

  • Joshua, USA
  • USA
  • Jim & family, USA
Good paths. Nice variety of uphill/downhill and scenery. Highlights were the ruins and the amenities at each of the campsites (water, soda, beer etc). I was used to military training field exercises so I was used to “roughing it.” The care and attentiveness of the staff made me feel completely pampered. Guide was cheerful and informative, conversational and encouraging. The cook blew my mind with all of the things he put together on the trail.
The route was more difficult than I had imagined, wish I had trained more! Thankfully, our guide kept us motivated. The highlight of the trip was finishing. It was honestly the most physically challenging hike I have every done and brought a great sense of accomplishment at the end. Felix, our guide was extremely knowledgeable and made the trip that much better.
We had a great trip to Choquequirau.  The guide, Felix, was wonderful.  He met with us at our hotel twice before we left.  We felt we were well prepared for the trip.  The campsites were chosen with a good hiking plan in mind.  The onerous climb from the Apurimac River up to Choquequirau was started early to avoid the heat of the day.  We were extremely fortunate that it was cloudy and actually had some light sprinkles on the way up.  It was meaningful to have a destination as grand as Choquequirau but for me the highlights were the walking, scenery, and sitting around together at the meals.  The team was wonderful.  The young man taking care of the animals worked extremely hard.  The cook was great.  The food was diverse and delicious.  Felix, made sure everything worked smoothly.  He set the pace when we needed to be controlled and allowed us to set the pace when it worked best for us.  He had a real sense for keeping us going and yet not over-stressing us.  When we do another trek in Peru we will ask for the same team. Once again, I am so glad you talked me out of trying to do it in three days which is what I originally inquired about.  Four days was perfect.  We just wish we would have had more time to go further and longer. Thanks to you and please pass along our praise to the guide and the cook.

Choquequirao to Vilcabamba trek

  • Florian Gysin, Switzerland
Great trek! Nature was really fantastic, inca ruins on the way were really fascinating as well… And we saw condors. The first few days (that is day 2 till maybe 4) are quite hard but you get accustomed to it – the the excellent food did compensate for quite a lot. As an idea to further improve the route: Stay a day in the beautiful valley after the 4600 m pass: This way people can enjoy the nice valley, go fishing, climbing or just stretch their legs. And the last day to Villcabamba would not be as long so people could spend more  time in the Villcabamba ruins. My highlights of the trip: Cochequirao – really beautiful and no turists. The rio Apurimac canyon / valley – incredible! The valley before and afther the 4600 m pass – just really beautiful nature! Felix was an excellent guide! He really now a lot about Peru, the incas, the flora and fauna – it was really interesting to listen to his explanaitions. Furthermore he is really a nice guy and it has been a lot of fun doing the trek with him. The only reason I don’t give him 10 out of 10 is that his english could be bether and was sometimes a little hard to understand… The meals were really great, it was a total new experience for me to have real meals on a trek. Towards the end of the Trek the supplies got al little short – maybe you should stack up in Yanama and buy some food (meat!) on the way?

Vilcabamba trek

  • Sarah and Daniel, Australia
  • Nick, USA
  • Ben, USA
Cordillera Vilcabamba is Great alternative to the typical inca trail. No tourists and able to see the real Peru. My highlight was crossing through the Pumacasa Pass. Really enjoyed the laidback approach of our guide. Felix was informative and humorous throughout the trip.
Was really hard – not “difficult” by regular standards but “difficult” by Machu Picchu rainy season standards. Cordillera Vilcabamba is very difficult in the rains. Some great views. The part with no path was a little frustrating. The passes were great. The selva/jungle was great fun. Our guides were great.
Awesome trip! Great views, very difficult day 2. Enjoyed the contrast of mountains and jungle. Very well done! The meals were great, the trek epic and the guide very good.


Tropical Inka Trail

  • Ankit, USA
  • Ben, USA
It was difficult for a first timer but the views were amazing. the bike ride was awesome. The bike ride and the view from the top of the mountains were my highlights. The hot springs were an absolute necessity.
I loved the route! My highlight was seeing my friends freak out at while hiking above a 2000 feet drop. Felix was very knowledgeable, he was a great guide.