Trek through Choquequirao to the last capital and refuge of the Incas – Vilcabamba has it all – ruins, adventure and spectacular scenery of snow capped mountains. This is a true adventure that takes place in a wonderful untouristed landscape. After two days we arrive at the Choquequirao ruins – perched high on a spur above the Apurimac canyon. From here we venture into what is little visited territory, descending to the Rio Blanco and then on up to the Inca ruins at the Victoria mines. We continue to the isolated village of Yanama, from where the climb to the highest point of the trip – Choquecatarpo Pass – starts. This is a spectacular 4600 metre pass, which is surrounded by snow capped peaks has the added bonus of some special Inca paving en route. From Choquecatarpo we descend to Huancacalle, a charming village in the region of Vilcabamba.